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We advocate for a worker-friendly cannabis industry.

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Since 2012, Local 881 has been on the forefront of bringing the Cannabis Industry to Illinois. We worked with lawmakers, not only to support and lobby for the passage of the Illinois Medical Cannabis Pilot Program (HB 1), but also to help influence the law so that the workers in this emerging industry would have the ability to unionize and be protected. More recently, Local 881 fought for the industry by lobbying to legalize the sale of adult use cannabis in Illinois (SB 316/HB 2353).

Now that the legal groundwork is in place, we are ready to focus on supporting the workers that will build the industry. Our vision is to ensure the new jobs in the Illinois recreational cannabis industry will be dignified and respected among today's labor workforce through collective bargaining. We strive to follow states like Washington, New York, and California that have seen unionized UFCW cannabis workers gain access to a better standard of living through increased wages, expanded benefits, and a strengthened voice in their workplace.

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