Union Representative/Field Staff

Each Local 881 Union Representative is assigned to service many work locations that represent Local 881 members. They keep in close contact with Union Stewards who work alongside their fellow members. Union Representatives have a wide range of responsibilities, including: meeting with members to answer questions, investigating contract violations, filing grievances, and enforcing your contract. In addition, the Representative distributes the latest printed materials, checks schedules, and frequently conducts an audit to assure that designated new employees have applied for Union membership.

Office day for the field staff is scheduled on Wednesdays, but you may leave a voicemail at any time for your Union Representative and he or she will return your call. At the Des Plaines office, the In-House Union Representative is available every weekday during normal business hours to answer any of your questions. Members phoning the Edwardsville, Marion, and Springfield offices may leave a message for their Union Representative, which will be promptly returned.

Extensions for Des Plaines Office: (847) 294-5064

  • Mike Ambrozewicz
  • Darius Brown
  • Jorge Calvillo
  • Jan Dolan
  • Dino Doukas
  • Chris Femal
  • Mary Gavrilos
  • Harry Grow
  • Cathy Howe
  • Joyce Johnson
  • Mary Keane
  • Bob Kleich
  • Anthony Malito
  • Cristian Marquez
  • Markeisha Marshall
  • Nick Morrissey
  • Mark Parchment
  • Mamie Pratt
  • Teresa Ramirez
  • Marcella Robinson
  • Patrick Statter
  • Ken Swanson
  • Lindsey Vaira
  • Kevin West
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Edwardsville Office:
(618) 692-6400 or (800) 322-4881

  • Anna Brown
  • Jeff Collier
  • Caryl Farrell
  • John Reichling
  • Wesley Tartt
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Springfield Office: (217) 544-0555


The Accounting Department assists the Secretary-Treasurer and maintains all records related to Local 881's finances. The department is staffed by experienced professionals in accounting and directed by a CPA (Certified Public Accountant).

Collective Bargaining

This department assists the President in negotiating contracts between the Union and your employer on behalf of Local 881 members. Wages, benefits, working conditions, and vacation time are just some of the contractual issues that are negotiated. Collective bargaining is a broad process that entails negotiating terms that are in the best interests of the members throughout the term of the contract. Local 881's 36,000 members work under about 120 different contracts.

You can find most recent contract updates here.


The Communications Department is responsible for helping to keep members informed through flyers, publications, and the website. This department produces the bi-monthly 881 Progress membership publication; plans special events and educational seminars; coordinates the layout, printing, and mailing of contracts; creates flyers and brochures on benefits; schedules meetings; charitable endeavors; scholarships; and more. In addition, Communications handles all public relations and media inquiries, photography, and a diverse range of other efforts that keep Local 881 members up-to-date about their Union.

Data Processing and Membership Records

Local 881's Data Processing Department is responsible for all matters involving Membership Records. All questions regarding withdrawal, Union dues, applications for membership, and related items should be directed to this department. When calling, it is important to have your social security or member number ready.

It is extremely important for members to inform Data Processing of a new address or phone number (change of address formpdf form for change of address request for this purpose appears in every issue of the 881 Progress and on this website.) Name changes must be submitted on a Local 881 Union application with a signature. If you need an application for a name change, you can obtain one from your Union Representative, employer, or by contacting the nearest Local 881 office.

Attention New Members: Submitting your membership application to Data Processing immediately after being hired ensures that your application will be processed with the Union in a timely manner.


The Organizing Department oversees all Local 881 organizing campaigns. The job of the Organizing staff is to talk with non-union workers, understand their concerns, and educate them about the benefits and objectives of Union membership. Staff members concentrate on bringing non-union workers together to work toward their common goal of obtaining Union representation and fair working conditions. In addition, Local 881's Organizing Department works with other Unions as well as community and religious organizations to help improve the working conditions for all workers.

For more information visit here.

Legislative and Political

Local 881 is involved in the legislative and political processes to protect and enhance workers' rights. Many of the job protections gained through the collective bargaining process can either be taken away or strengthened through the legislative process. Local 881's Legislative and Political Department works with local, state, and federal elected officials on your behalf. Political action by your Union has led to improvements in laws affecting workers such as workers' compensation, minimum wage, family and medical leave, 40-hour work week, and safer working conditions.

For more information visit here.