• Officers
  • Ron Powell, President

    Ronald E. Powell
    President, Local 881 and UFCW International Vice President

    Ron Powell has served as President of Local 881 UFCW since 1983. His professional career in the American Labor Movement spans over five decades. Under Mr. Powell's direction, Local 881 has assumed the role of a progressive and innovative leader on behalf of its members in the areas of worksite representation, membership services, benefits, communications, and activities. In addition to leading Local 881 as President, Mr. Powell is a Vice President on the UFCW International Executive Board; a Vice President of the Illinois State AFL-CIO; and a Trustee for the UFCW Midwest Health Benefits and Pension Funds. Mr. Powell has consistently volunteered his time and efforts on behalf of labor-minded political candidates in all levels of government who are sensitive to the needs of working people. He has been elected as a Delegate to the Democratic National Conventions in 1996, 2000, and 2008.

  • Ron Powell, President

    Steven M. Powell
    Secretary-Treasurer and UFCW International Vice President

    Steve Powell serves as Secretary-Treasurer of Local 881 and a UFCW International Vice President. Steve began his career in the Labor Movement in 1985 as a Union Representative for Local 881. In 1991, Steve was asked to serve the UFCW International Union in Washington, DC as it Director of Political Affairs. Steve returned to Local 881 in 1995 to serve as the Executive Vice President until he was elected Secretary-Treasurer in 1999. In addition to his duties with the Local and International Union he serves as a member of the Democratic National Committee. He is also a Trustee for the UFCW Midwest Health Benefits Fund, Chairman of the Indiana Calumet Region Health and Welfare Fund, and Trustee for the UFCW Local 655 Health and Welfare Fund.

  • Ron Powell, President

    Lisa M. Catanzaro
    Executive Vice President

    Lisa Catanzaro joined the staff of Local 881 in 1990 as a Union Representative. In 1997, she was selected as an Assistant Field Director, and in 1999, appointed a Field Director overseeing the Union's Field Staff. Since 1997, Lisa has served on the Local 881 Executive Board. She became Executive Vice President in 2003. In addition to her duties with the Local, Lisa is active in a variety of organizations and initiatives. Lisa serves as Alternate Trustee on the UFCW Midwest Union and Employer Health Fund and Trustee on the Calumet Fund. She is a Director for the Italian American Labor Council and Delegate to the Chicago Federation of Labor. She also served as a member of the Illinois Joint Labor management Council Skills and Standards Committee.

  • Ron Powell, President

    Patrick D. Statter
    Recorder, Executive Board

    Patrick Statter has been a Union Representative with Local 881 UFCW since 1983. Since 1990, Patrick has served on the Local 881 Executive Board and was appointed in 2001 to serve as the Recorder. He was subsequently elected Recorder in 2002 and re-elected in 2005, and 2008. Patrick was elected President of the Northeastern Illinois Federation of Labor in 2007; he has been active with the organization since 1984 holding a variety of elected positions including: delegate, trustee, sergeant-at-arms and first vice president. Patrick began working at Jewel in 1979 and was a Union Steward prior to joining the staff of Local 881 UFCW.

  • Executive Board
  • Mary Tapia-Barthel
  • Garland Blakely
  • Kathy Boswell
  • Clint Brown
  • Michael Crow
  • Jan Dolan
  • Dino Doukas
  • Kathy Eggert
  • Gloria Gonzales
  • Theresa Gratz
  • Cathy Howe
  • Bob Kleich
  • Krystina Kleich
  • Susan Klein
  • Mary Longo
  • Kent Madison
  • Denise Mele-Gironda
  • James Mounce
  • Bill O'Keefe
  • Brad Powell
  • Mamie Pratt
  • Debra Price
  • Teresa Ramirez
  • John Reichling
  • Kathryn Resendiz
  • Sue Schaar
  • Paul Schaefer
  • Kim Stewart
  • Cathy Tiske
  • Thomas Tyska
  • Kevin West
  • Valerie Wicinski
  • Diane Zabaly
  • Moises Zavala

Organizational Structure

The two top Constitutional Officers are the President and Secretary-Treasurer. They are both involved in every aspect of the Local Union’s ongoing work on behalf of the members. Each grievance is personally read and signed by the President and Secretary-Treasurer and no contract is sent to the affected membership for ratification without having been approved by them both.

The President presides over the meetings of the Executive Board and quarterly Local Meetings. In addition, all activities of the Local Union are subject to the final approval of the President. The Secretary-Treasurer serves as the Chief Financial Officer of the Union and oversees the day-to-day operations of the various departments of the Union. The Executive Vice President is the third highest position in the Union’s leadership structure and serves the top officers, Executive Board members, and staff of Local 881 in an advisory capacity while also overseeing one or more departments. The Recorder reports and archives the minutes of each Local Union membership and Executive Board meeting. The Executive Board is comprised of rank-and-file Local 881 members as well as Local Union staff who provide oversight for the decisions and activities of the Local Union. The UFCW International Constitution and the Local 881 By-laws govern the duties of the Executive Board.