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Chicago Big Box Living Wage

Local 881 UFCW, in partnership with community and labor organizations, supported the Big Box Living Wage Ordinance in the Chicago City Council. The proposed ordinance, as adopted by the Committee on Finance in June 2006, would have required large retailers of at least 90,000 square ft. who make $1 billion in annual sales to pay its workers a living wage with health benefits by the year 2010.

Phase-in to $10.00/hr in 2010 Phase-in to $3.00/hr in 2010
July 1, 2007 $9.25/hr July 1, 2007 $1.50/hr
July 1, 2008 $9.50/hr July 1, 2008 $2.00/hr
July 1, 2009 $9.75/hr July 1, 2009 $2.50/hr
July 1, 2010 $10.00/hr July 1, 2010 $3.00/hr

**After 2010, living wage rate increases by the cost of living for wages and benefits.

Click here# to see Big Box Living Wage Ordinance

Although the Chicago City Council voted in favor of the BBLW Ordinance on July 26, 2006 (35 Yes, 14 No, 1 Abstained), the Mayor vetoed the ordinance and the veto was ultimately sustained. Despite massive spending by corporations in opposition, a poll commissioned by NBC Channel 5 and the Chicago Sun Times at the time found that 74 percent of Chicagoans favored the passage of the Big Box Living Wage Ordinance.

Local 881 UFCW applauds the 31 Chicago City Aldermen who stood with working families by voting to override the veto of the Big Box Living Wage Ordinance and withstood immense pressure from multi-billion dollar corporations:

  • Alderman Joe Moore (Chief Sponsor)
  • Alderman Toni Preckwinkle
  • Alderman Freddrenna Lyle
  • Alderman Todd H. Stroger
  • Alderman Anthony Beale
  • Alderman John Pope
  • Alderman Frank J. Olivo
  • Alderman Edward M. Burke
  • Alderman Theodore Thomas
  • Alderman Latasha Thomas
  • Alderman Thomas W. Murphy
  • Alderman Virginia A. Rugai
  • Alderman Ricardo Munoz
  • Alderman Michael R. Zalewski
  • Alderman Michael D. Chandler
  • Alderman Billy Ocasio
  • Alderman Walter Burnett, Jr.
  • Alderman Ed H. Smith
  • Alderman Ariel E. Reboyras
  • Alderman Ray Suarez
  • Alderman Theodore Matlak
  • Alderman Richard F. Mell
  • Alderman Rey Colon
  • Alderman William J. P. Banks
  • Alderman Thomas R. Allen
  • Alderman Margaret Laurino
  • Alderman Patrick J. O'Connor
  • Alderman Brian G. Doherty
  • Alderman Patrick J. Levar
  • Alderman Gene Schulter
  • Alderman Mary Ann Smith