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Equal Pay for Equal Work for Teen Workers

(HB 5141 considered in 2008 by the 95th Illinois General Assembly)

During the 2008 Spring Legislative Session, Local 881 actively sought to close a loophole in the Illinois Minimum Wage law that allows employers to pay up to 50 cents less than the current minimum wage to employees under the age of 18. The bill was created to fix this discrepancy and would have allowed all Illinois workers the opportunity to earn the same minimum wage rate.

The Illinois Equal Pay Act prohibits employers from paying unequal wages to men and women for doing substantially similar work, requiring skill, effort, and responsibility under the same working conditions. Youth workers deserve the same consideration. Discrimination by age, gender, disability, or any impermissible factor should not be allowed under the law.

Local 881 will continue efforts to eliminate this loophole and ensure that teen workers receive equal pay for equal work.

On July 1, 2009, the Illinois Minimum Wage will increase to $8.00 per hour. Under current law, workers under age 18 will receive $7.50 per hour.

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