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Shop 'n Save Purchased/Closing Information

Stores Purchased by Schnucks

Schnucks has announced that they are purchasing 19 Shop 'n Save locations (14 in Missouri and 5 in Illinois). The sale will be completed in a staggered process that is expected to be completed by late October 2018.

List of Local 881-represented Shop 'n Save stores being SOLD to Schnucks:

  • 1721 Homer M. Adams Parkway, Alton, IL
  • 800 Carlyle Ave., Belleville, IL
  • 634 Berkshire Blvd., East Alton, IL
  • 2122 Troy Rd., Edwardsville, IL
  • 1900 East Edwardsville Rd., Wood River, IL

Please read the document the company has provided regarding the transition: TRANSITIONAL RULES REGARDING THE HIRING OF FORMER SHOP 'N SAVE EMPLOYEES FROM ACQUIRED LOCATIONS (this will link to the rules pdf).

Our priority, as always, is to PROTECT our members' existing wages, benefits, and working conditions. We will work diligently with the companies to ensure a smooth transition for Local 881 members impacted by this deal.

Stores to be Closed

Shop 'n Save has informed Local 881, as required by law, that they intend to CLOSE the following store locations:

  • 4201 N Belt W Belleville, IL 62223
  • 943 S State St. Jerseyville, IL 62052
  • 3521 Nameoki Rd. Granite City, IL 62040

They further stated that closures will be permanent, and the company will cease operations at these stores.

Layoffs of employees at these stores are expected to take place on November 19, 2018 or within the 14 days following. Local 881 will be meeting with the company to negotiate effects bargaining for affected members.

Click here for the latest information regarding SEVERANCE BENEFITS (this will link to the severance doc) for employees impacted by the store closings.

Healthcare Information

Important information regarding your Health and Welfare benefits

If contributions are made on your behalf by Shop 'n Save to UFCW Local 655 Health and Welfare, you MUST sign the employee premium share deduction form provided by Shop n Save in order to maintain your Health and Welfare benefits.

The Health and Welfare Board of Trustees voted and unanimously approved to allow the Shop 'n Save employees in a purchased store to remain in the Plan Level (A, B, C) that they are currently in until December 31, 2018. There are ongoing efforts by the Union Trustees to waive this date to allow you to remain in the plan of your choice. You will be notified if this change is made.

For non-purchased stores, you will remain in the Plan Level (A, B, C) that you are currently in until benefits are exhausted. It is expected that most, if not all, will have benefits extended for some time period beyond your termination date.

The Health and Welfare Board of Trustees also voted and unanimously approved to extend the Early Retirement Incentive Program (ERIP) for Shop 'n Save employees who turn 62 while they are still eligible for Health and Welfare benefits based on contributions paid for by Shop 'n Save. The months of November and December are also open for these individuals.

For questions regarding your plan or the ERIP benefit, please call UFCW Local 655 Welfare Fund at 314-835-2700 or toll free at 866-565-2700 between the hours of 8:00-5:00 Monday-Friday.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call the Union office in Edwardsville at

Please check back here for more information and follow Local 881 on Facebook for updates.