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SPUR — Special Projects Union Representative


Become a Local 881 SPUR

You can help other workers gain a Union voice on the job through the Local 881 UFCW SPUR program. As a Special Projects Union Representative, you can help non-union workers organize a Union at their workplace so they can gain a voice on the job and have the protection of a Union contract. Organizing non-union employees is best done by Union members working in the same industry.

  • SPUR activities may include:
  • Organizing non-union workers
  • Coalition building
  • Communication with members
  • Active Ballot Club activities
  • Registering members to vote
  • Educating members on political and legislative issues
  • Phone banking
  • Attending rallies
  • Distributing literature

Under the terms of your contract with your employer, if your application to become a SPUR is accepted, you can work as a SPUR for up to six months.

For more information about the Local 881 UFCW SPUR program, contact your Union Representative or call 847-294-5064 ext. 329.